MAMOA is a Portuguese furniture design brand that is committed to excellent service in the production of inspiring pieces.
Our brand distinguishes for producing exclusively in Portugal, in a manufactured process that combining the talent of our designers and the timeless wisdom of local artisans, in a symbiosis that seeks to create pieces with both character and superior quality.

We are a company that is set apart for providing the best solutions throughout a meticulous involvement in the production of each product, both through the design of original pieces or in a custom-made approach, constantly concerning about careful selection of materials and the choice of the masterful craftsmanship of best artisans, who rise up to the greatest challenges.
With the mission to be the perfect partner in a business-to-business contextMAMOA seeks to be inspiring, aiming to distinguish itself through the highest quality production, with unique design projects or pieces designed according to your particular needs. No matter what, each products that we generate reflects our constant attention to each and every detail, with our unwavering commitment to building the best products for interior design. 

With this in mind, MAMOA works in two different basis,
distinguishing itself with the following services: